Relief Aid - What’s Next for South Sudan?

Relief Aid - What’s Next for South Sudan?

What one needs to consider and understand about South Sudan before going further...

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Welcome to Relief Aid’s Website

Our goal is to discuss the future challenges faced by South Sudan, and how they can be met.

Drawing on more than ten years of experience working in the most remote villages of South Sudan, as well as expert analysis and interviews from locals, Relief Aid has a single intention - to map out a strategy for sustainable development in South Sudan.

But in order to understand the future, one must also understand the past, so we have also included some photo's and video's from the wartime before 2005.

New Sudan has a bright future, and people who are willing to work hard to achieve its potential. So let us move forward together!

Dennis Bennett

Below is a brief summary of the primary issues that need to be addressed by the South Sudanese (GOSS) and their Western Partners, if South Sudan is to succeed. The list is not comprehensive, but is a start. Click on each heading, and you will be directed to a page with more information.



Economy and Banking & Finance


Health & Sanitation

Natural Resources



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